The asynchronous seminars created within the Bein project scope aimed at facilitating the current needs of the involved stakeholders, namely young graduates, researchers, and startups. On this page, you can find a variety of seminars covering a wide range of subjects relevant to these audiences. These seminars are designed to provide valuable insights, practical guidance, and industry expertise, allowing participants to enhance their skills, knowledge, and professional development at their own pace and convenience. Whether participants are interested in entrepreneurship, professional development, career guidance, or startup success stories, these asynchronous seminars offer valuable resources to support their personal and professional growth.

Business Plan


Management (Small and Medium)

Risk Analysis

SWOT Analysis


Αποτελεσματική Επιχειρησιακή Επικοινωνία

Η Τέχνη της διαπραγμάτευσης

Παρουσίαση Επιχειρηματικής Ιδέας

Τεχνικές Προσφορικών Παρουσιάσεων